Svelte f7 Input component binding does not work

I am trying to create dynamic input generated from array object, but the binding with f7 Input does not working as expected, it works in nor mal html input

{#each items as item}

        <Input value={item.Name} type="text" placeholder="Item Name" />
         <!-- below input works -->
        <!-- <input bind:value={item.Name} type="text" placeholder="Item Name" /> -->
        <Input label="price" type="number" placeholder="Price" />


when I change the input it does not update the items in the array object

<Input value={item.Name} onInput={(e) => item.Name =} type="text" placeholder="Item Name" />
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Thank you, it works!!
Hi Vladimir, could you please help me to find the doc/tutorial link for the above, I have checked, I could not find this in the doc, Thank you gain