Svelte kitchensink example issue

After setup svelte with framework7, the server startup fine and Basic layout able to render correctly. But as I test components in kitchen sink, javascript console print error as following:

f7.js:108 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'once')
    at f7ready (f7.js:108)
    at useTheme (use-theme.js:6)
    at instance$4 (navbar.svelte:38)
    at init (index.mjs:1791)
    at new Navbar (navbar.svelte:67)
    at Array.create_default_slot (Expandable.svelte:101)
    at create_slot (index.mjs:69)
    at Array.create_default_slot$1 (page-content.svelte:50)
    at create_slot (index.mjs:69)
    at create_fragment$3 (page-content.svelte:131)

How can I fix this ?