Svelte Shared Data


I have recently started to use Svelte.

Is it possible to share data across components.

Basically, I would like to do some background pre-fetch data on the home component and then use that data in other components.
I dont want to pass it through the context.

Almost like a global variable as such.

You can declare a store,set the variables that u want in it and get them in the components where you need it
Svelte stores

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Thank you for your assistance.
It did send me in the write direction, however, it seems like my store is not being updated inside my components.


import { writable } from 'svelte/store';
export const teststore = writable("Init Data");


import { onDestroy } from 'svelte';

  import { teststore } from '../js/stores.js';

  let localstoreData;

  const unsubscribe = teststore.subscribe(value => {

    localstoreData = value;



  function onPageInit(pageData) {

    teststore.update("Updated from Home");


Just to follow up.

I had the wrong syntax in my update function

It should be

teststore.update(n => n = "Updated from Home");