Svelte + Typescript support

Hi! I wanted to try to migrate my SvelteKit app to Framework7 because of F7 amazing stack router & native-like components.

  1. I faced issues with initial CLI/UI bootstrapping F7 Svelte App. Found this issue on Forum, but it seems to not be resolved for a long time already( Framework7 Installation with Svelte using CLI - #4 by Z_Milosevich )
  2. My Svelte components heavily use TypeScript wherever possible (which I believe is a good market practice), but I didn’t manage to add TS support to F7 Svelte App, unfortunately. Here are 2 forum topics that I tried to implement to make this work: Adding TypeScript to F7 with Svelte - #2 by Pragy , Svelte Typescript Unexpected Token Error

Would appreciate if someone could share proper configuration to fix the above issues (especially #2) :pray:

p.s. the dream setup would be to have integration of SvelteKit & Framework7 (e.g. taking all the ‘router’ data from SvelteKit & providing it to F7, get all “load” functions from SvelteKit & converting them to {to, resolve} async methods that F7 has in it’s router). I’m a new developer so not sure if it can be done.

Best Regards,

Ok, managed to make it work by first npm create [email protected] for Svelte + TypeScript.
Then manually transferred some files from F7 CLI generated project.
In the end got this, which solves both of my issues mentioned above: GitHub - dj-nuo/framework7-capacitor-svelte-typescript-template