Sveltekit With Framework7

Hey guys, I wanted to use framework7 with sveltekit can anyone point me to a resource where I can do that.

I don’t think SvelteKit is supported

Does this mean that we cannot use Framework7 with Sveltekit in any capacity?

The tight coupling of framework 7 components and the router is why this ^^ is the default response to every ask. I think if the router is only coupled with the View component , and the design is such that that can be swapped out for (Svelte and sveltekit), router-view (vue) , This would increase adoption as it add flexibility. forgive me but sveltekit is not supported, nuxt is not supported shouldn’t go on forever. This is even a downer for the likes of konstaui when you have to combine it with framework7 given that it does not have as much components