Swipe back on page animates the page twice?

Im using a one view app with a left panel.
And when I swipe back from left to right on a page to go back to the previous page, then it animates away and then it jumps back and appears in the middle of the screen and starts to animate away again?

If you look in an iPad you will see it. https://www.manmade.se/dumpen/

What can be the problem? Any input appreciated, thanks!

I guess one swipe-back is the default Safari’s swipeback which can’t be prevented. I can recommend you to disable it when app running as web app to avoid it

Ok thanks I have to test it. I know how to check if it is a web app or not, but how do I programmatically set no-swipeback?

Would like to know same…

Is it possible to enable browserHistory: true, only when accessing the page per browser? (no homescreen app)