Swipe, swipeToClose not working with 3d-panel

Hi @nolimits4web,

I am working with version F7 4.4.0 and I have implemented 3d-panels into my application, but I am stuck at one issue, I am not able to get 3d-panels work with swipe paramenters.
Below is the initialization code:

var app = new Framework7({
    id: 'com.xxxxx.xxxx',
    root: '#app',
    name: "XXXXX",
    theme: theme,
    precompileTemplates: true,
    template7Pages: true,
    panel: {
        swipe: "both",
        swipeOnlyClose: true
    panels3d: {
        enabled: true,
    dialog: {
        title: 'EGGate',
    lazy: {
        threshold: 100,
        sequential: false,
        placeholder: 'img/load_img.gif',
    data: function () {

    methods: {

    routes: routes

Can you please confirm whether it will work with the current version of F7 or not because I guess my code is right but 3d-panels plugin not supported for this version of F7?