Swipeable panel too sensitive

The swipeable panel is too sensitive even with a few pixels swiping when user just want to click or scroll, can it have something like shortswipe=false to have a better UX, thanks

I think you can try to tweak it by using swipeThreshold parameter

I tried but no luck, I think the swipeThreshold only control how many pixels to activate the opening of the panel when user is do sliding gesture, but it doesn’t affect a very quick and short swipe action, which user maybe just tapping but with a few pixels moved on screen.

I think it is a bug. It shouldn’t do anything when it is closed and swiping doesn’t exceed the threshold value. I will fix it in F7

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thanks and look forward to it, the panel is too easy to be opened accidentally

Work in my case, need both swipeActiveArea and swipeThreshold

var $$ = Dom7;

var app = new Framework7({
root: ‘#app’, // App root element

panel: {
swipe: ‘both’,
swipeActiveArea:20, – start point
swipeThreshold:100, – distance from start point. If you move slowly, you will see clearly