SwipeableCards Plugin

Hey guys this is my first plugin i have created and wanted to ask you for your feedback!
I have created it for my own App and thought it might be usefull for other people. I tried to build it pure vanilla JS so i can be used in combination with every kind of framework!
Every Feedback is welcome!

check it out!


Looks nice, will be better if there is a link with live preview :wink:

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just added one :slight_smile:


Looks great so far! One thing I did notice was that when swiping either of the cards on the live demo to the left (on iOS 13.3 iPhone 11 Pro Max) upon release, it does not dismiss to the left but comes back on top of the stack. Unsure if this was intended or not. Further, once the card is released, it completely Dismisses over to the left and then comes all the way back in, if limiting the left dismiss is intended, might I suggest making the “return to stack” animation start from where the user left the card instead of completely dismissing it and then returning it to the stack from off-canvas?

Amazing work! Keep it up!

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Just tried it … it ROCKS!!!

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In the demo i set it up to always reject the left swipe :slight_smile: check out the source of the demo

The reason why it throws it out of viewport and comes afterwards back is that when using ajax to request data or what so ever there would be some kind of lag when the card would stay in place until the request is done. So i sent the card flying and do the request and wether success or not the card might return.