SwipeBack doesn't fire event

I’m want to use SwipeBack: afterchange in my Framework7 app (in specific page) to stop setinterval. But when user swipe back, “swipe back” function doesn’t fire. Any suggestions?

My structure:

        path: '/somepage/',
          url: 'pages/somepage.html',
          on: {
            pageInit : function (e, route) {

        setInterval etc...

                  afterchange: function (event, page, interval1) {

You can assign swipebackMove event only on View instance, it is not a page event:

app.views.main.on('swipebackMove', () => {
  // do something on swipe back

I tried this -> app.views.main.on(‘swipebackMove’, () => {
// do something on swipe back
}); but I get “unexpected token )”

Ok fixed, using TouchSwipe plugin!