Swipeback may fail to convert “page-previous” to “page-current”

SCENE: Mainview navigates deeper and deeper, the deepest page has a popup with a view in it. And the view in popup navigates deeper.

ISSUE: Close the whole popup without navigating back the view in it, then swipeback to navigate back in the mainview, the “page-previous” element gets stuck and failed to convert to “page-current”. However, navigating back with the backbutton works fine.


I manually fixed this using swipeback events, code is here:

app.views.current.on('swipebackBeforeChange', function(){

But I don’t think this is a good solution. Looking forward to a solution from the basement layer. Framework7 works great for creating apps and I love using it. Thank you!

I made a gif showing the issue, as is shown that the “page-previous” isn’t animating correctly during swipeback, and it would get stuck without the fixing code above.

Вы уверены что в вашем коде нет ошибок?