Swipeback not working?


I made a demo file with two pages. From the first page I link to the second. That works correctly.
But now, I think it should be possible to swipe back to the first page. (on iOS)
But that does not work. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

var app = new Framework7({
  // App root element
  root: '#app',
  // App Name
  name: 'My App',
  // App id
  id: 'com.myapp.test',
  // Enable swipe panel
  panel: {
    swipe: 'left',
  // Add default routes
  routes: [
      name: 'home',
      path: '/home/',
      url: './index.html',
      options: {
        animate: false,
      name: 'about',
      path: '/about/',
      url: './about.php',
      options: {
        animate: false,
    // Default route, match to all pages (e.g. 404 page)
      path: '(.*)',
      url: './pages/404.html',

  // ... other parameters

var mainView = app.views.create('.view-main');

Video? Or js fiddle?