Swipeout functionality don't work on new appended list items

Hi, what am I doing wrong?

My test zink here
Search for “test”, enter and click “Add new item”

Swipeout (click and callback) do not work on new items :frowning:

I use this to prepend: $(’#newitems’).prepend(newItem);


you cant just add elements in DOM with @click and expect them to work.
f7 dosnt work that way.
i would recomend you, instead of using $(’#newitems’).prepend(newItem), render an array of items. and let f7 so it job.

you can use Template7

<div class="list-block">
    {{#each items}}
    <li class="item-content">
      <div class="item-inner">
        <div class="item-title">{{title}}</div>

then just add the item to the array and f7 will do the rest.

Template7 - Mobile-first JavaScript Template Engine (idangero.us)

So the documentation for swipeout is just for static html-pages? :flushed:
It will not work if you don’t use Template7?