[swipeout] how to disable single actions?

How can (single) actions of swipeout be disabled…


If I add to the action “reply” the class “disabled” it looks disabled, the reply action is not trigger (as wanted).
But (and this is the issue), the forward actions is triggered.

But if I look at the elements in the dom, the “forward” element () is right from the “reply” element.

How to avoid this pretty strange behaviour (which is actually wrong)…

Locking at the mouse event, the element ‘layerX’ has a negative value. So actually, it can be filtered by checking if layerX is negative and ignore these events. But actually there should be now event at all…

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I am really the first one with this issue?

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Add the following rule to CSS:

.swipeout-actions-left>a:after, .swipeout-actions-right>a:after {
  pointer-events: none