Swiper and Android Keyboard

Hi Guys… I’m having a major “security” problem with android keyboard.

I use a series of swipers to handle user onboarding and I only allow change the swiper sheets when user hits a certain button.

The problem is when I’m on android, there’s a keyboard button wich when is pressed, it change the sheets forward (something like a swipeNext() triggered by that key ).

I tried to create a function that does an e.preventDefault when some key is pressed (and for debug I “alert” onscreen wich key is pressed (so I could figure out which code this key has). Funny thing is the alert show every other key code, but this strange key there’s no code – it doesn’t even fire the alert function, that is triggered onKeyDown!

How could I disable this? I already read all docs about ir and couldn’t figure it out…

Here’s a screen (showing the alert from a random key that I pressed – The circle is on the key I want to disable the swiping).

Any thoughts?

This might be the default browser Tab functionality, which focuses on another element, without handling the keypress by Swiper. (Thus no keypress alert) You might find a solution by looking for something to disable tabIndex on the slides.