Swiper inside Side Panel not work

Hi, I’m using F7 with React and I’m trying to put Swiper component inside Panel component, but its not working properly. I can drag Swiper elements with mouse arrow but it it out of the flow.

    <Panel right cover className="test">
        params={{ speed: 500, slidesPerView: 3, spaceBetween: 20 }}
        <SwiperSlide>Slide 1</SwiperSlide>
        <SwiperSlide>Slide 2</SwiperSlide>
        <SwiperSlide>Slide 3</SwiperSlide>
        <SwiperSlide>Slide 4</SwiperSlide>
        <SwiperSlide>Slide 5</SwiperSlide>
        <SwiperSlide>Slide 6</SwiperSlide>

After searching the forum for this problem, there is one topic where author solve problem after putting Swiper inside Card component but in my case it’s not working.
I’m using the default Panel example, with the default Swiper example.