Swiper issue when using initial slide

How do I start the swiper at a specific slide on init. I have one swiper with 5 slides. When initializing I use “initialslide: index” as indicated from swiperjs which never seems to work on my end by the way.
var payPhoto = app.popup.create({
el: ‘.popup-photos’,
swipeToClose: false,
animated: true,
on: {
open: function(popup) {
var swiperFeeds = app.swiper.create(".pay-swiper-photos", {
speed: 1000,
spaceBetween: 0,
effect: “slide”,
loop: true,
autoplay: {
delay: 5000,
pagination: {
el: “.pay-swiper-pagination”,
type: “bullets”,
clickable: true,
initialSlide: 3
close: function(popup) {