Swiper lazy problem (jsfiddle included)

How can I run preloader for new slides? This works well for starting slides, but for new ones I don’t get preloader. Any ideas?

My code: https://jsfiddle.net/testideah/1Lbvsyha/24/

i dont know if this is a good solution, but add the fully rendered preloader

 <div class="preloader">
  <span class="preloader-inner">
    <span class="preloader-inner-gap"></span>
    <span class="preloader-inner-left">
        <span class="preloader-inner-half-circle"></span>
    <span class="preloader-inner-right">
        <span class="preloader-inner-half-circle"></span>



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Thank you, but It will not work properly - the download indicator will not disappear after

Try by manually removeing it.

lazyImageReady: function (slideEl) {
  if($$(slideEl).find('.preloader').length) $$(slideEl).find('.preloader').remove()

New Jsfiddle

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You helped me! Your code works fine! Thank!

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