Swiper with lazy loading but for background images ? how to set duration of the fading effect?

  1. I am using the swiper in my app using data-effect=“fade” but I need the fade effect to be slower not so fast… where can I change this?

data-effect-duration ?

  1. is it possible to use the lazy loading for background images in swiper?

I mean something like this does not work:

< div style = “background-image:url(image.jpg)” class = “swiper-lazy swiper-slide” >

in only works like this:

< div class=“swiper-slide” >
< img data-src=“image.jpg” class=“swiper-lazy” / >
< div class=“preloader swiper-lazy-preloader” > < / div>
< / div>

The reason of this it is that my images should cover the whole screen and be fit like in the fading effect sample but they need to be lazy loading since it is a large gallery with full screen images

Possible, check examples at http://idangero.us/swiper/api/#lazy

thanks… I will try that link now!!! I think it should be a solution this information as I can see…
we will see :slight_smile:
big thanks again Vladimir!