Swiper with Photobrowser is bugging

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to combine Swiper with PhotoBrowser, where Swiper contains preview images with onClick callback to open fullsize image in PhotoBrowser.
On desktop browsers everything works just fine. But on mobile browsers (Android Firefox, Android Chrome, iOs Safari) after clicking on 2nd and further image PhotoBrowser opens with black screen and empty info about images in PhotoBrowser (“of”).
This problem occured after upgrading Framework7 from v5 to v7.
Is there any way to fix this? May be my implementation is bad or is it just a bug?
Code demo - little-sunset-mwk0c7 - CodeSandbox
App demo - https://mwk0c7.csb.app/

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There is also strange thing about this bug.
When I start development and first time build project - everything works fine on Desktop Browser. But after some changes in code and hot reloads the same problem happens.

Same issue after upgrade from 6.3.9 to 7.0.9. any solution?

Hey ! did you find a solution for collection?