Swiper with swiper slides inside sidepanel

I am trying to put a swiper with 5 slides of images inside a side panel but it does not work.
It is possible to move the slides from left to right, etc. but it does not “flow”.
And when i also change to “fade” as effect, then nothing works.

I think that this has to do something with the initialization either of the panel or the swiper, but i am not wure. where my error is.

Has anyone tried out to put an image swiper inside one of the side panels?
Greetings and thanks for your time and support guys!

If i put the swiper inside a card of my side panel, than it works. It looks like the swiper does not get the responsiveness when it is inside a simple LI list tag - could that be?

Could be issue of LI styling causing wrong swiper sizes