Switching View/Tabs in React

F7 v6 React…
I have a number of Views as Tabs in my project, when clicking a link within one of the Views I want to switch to another View and (ideally) load the url within it - or at least just switch to the correct view/tab.

I can see there is the ‘view’ attr on ListView which is what is being clicked, but it does nothing when this is set to the id of the View that I want to switch to. As expected, removing the view attr loads the url in the current view.

I have tried using a Link rather the ListItem to link to the view/tab, this does seem to open a new view/tab, but doesn’t update the Tabbar. Is there a way to programatically set the correct tab?

What is the best way of having 4 views, controlled by a Tabbar but allowing links within the pages to switch between tabs - ideally also opening a url and or passing params.

I can see this answer below suggests it’s not/wasn’t possible for routing, but is there not any way to switch tab/views from a link within another view?

{/* Views/Tabs container */}
<Views tabs className="safe-areas">

  {/* Tabbar for switching views-tabs */}
  <Toolbar tabbar labels bottom>
    <Link tabLink="#view-home" tabLinkActive text="Home" />
    <Link tabLink="#view-browse"  text="Browse" />
    <Link tabLink="#view-map" text="Map" />

  <View id="view-home" main tab tabActive url="/" animate/>
  <View id="view-browse" name="browse" tab url="/browse/" animate/>
  <View id="view-map" name="map" tab url="/map/" animate/>


The list item link, from within #view-home


The alternative Link, which does seem to open the view/tab but doesn’t update the tab bar…

<Link tabLink='#view-browse' tabLinkActive>Test</Link>

I guess I can do the above and manually add/remove the class ‘tab-link-active’ from the Tabbar link? However this seems to upset the tabs and they start to become unreliable showing active or not.

Update - I now realise the Tabs API can be used, onclick with a function like the below code - it even seems to activate the correct tab button without specifying its ID as the second param

function clickBrowseButton(){