Tab and page elements reload on every navigation


everytime I swipe between tabs (swiper-tabs) the elements in those tabs get reloaded somehow. It causes a lag when swiping through the tabs because they all have virtual lists on them. Same for page navigations. It seems like it always inserts the elements into the page again instead of just leaving them as they are. I tried using keepAlive etc. but nothing seems to work.

Here is a demo of it in the dev console. You can see the elements being modified on every tab swipe:

Same thing happens to pages when I navigate to them using the router API (.navigate() and .back()). All content gets “reloaded” (don’t know how to describe it better).

I really don’t need that and want to disable it for all tabs and all pages if possible.

…routable tabs?..

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Hi there…I’m facing the same problem. Is it possible to prevent routable tabs from getting reloaded any time it’s in view?

Okay now it all works fine. In my case, I set {unloadTabContent : false} on the view containing the tabs and it worked just fine