Tab views with common toolbar and splash page

Im working on an app using views as tabs. The views utilize a common toolbar as described in the documentation. However, I would like to add an initial “splash” page that does some initializing without showing the common toolbar. It would be a seperate view not a tabbed view.
I tried hiding the toolbar on my initial load of splash page but its not working.

How can I accomplish this scenario of a splash page with no navbars/toolbars outside my initial tabbed views with common toolbar?

Hi you use v1, v2, v3? and vue?
Depending on which version are you using the code is different. but i would do something like this;

  1. beforePage, show like a popup (your splash) or something covering the hole view, run in the background the code you need and after hide the popup (splash)
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Thanks…Im using V2 and Vue…This helped a lot.

What do you mean with ‘beforePage’. Is this nowadays Page Events in Router Instance Events?

I want to achieve exactly the same principle as @mdorson wants.