Tabbar icons randomly disappear on iOS Cordova

I’ve noticed that when running Framework7 v4.4.0 tabbars on the Cordova framework in iOS, that some tabbar icons will sometimes (randomly) not show up when loading the app.

If I close the app and reopen it, they will often start appearing again.
What could be causing this issue?

This issue doesn’t seem to present when viewing on a web browser.

Do you use WKWebView cordova plugin?

Может это связано с “активностью” иконки?

Could be one more iOS rendering issue

I use whatever the default is with Cordova 9.0.0 - would installing the WKWebView plugin be the solution?

It’s incredibly random. I can’t find a reason or pattern behind it.

No, in the example above Tab 1 is in the active state - but it doesn’t show.

WKWebView plugin is must nowadays

Well, I attempted to install that plugin, and unfortunately it causes so many problems with Framework7 and Cordova that it’s not really feasible.

No AJAX, all the links stopped working, extra padding/margin in strange places…

Is there an alternate solution to the issue?

Just as an FYI, having better luck with:

Although that too has the CORS restrictions which is preventing the ajax requests.
The docs for the ionic webview do appear to have some fixes though.

For wkwebview, you can install ‘cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine’. And then to allow for XHR requests, install ‘cordova-plugin-wkwebview-file-xhr’. That plugin captures all XHR requests from javascript and handles them natively. Somewhat more difficult to debug from web inspector, but works great and almost transparantly.

But you still need to add CORS headers server side to allow for XHR requests.

Good to know, but the Ionic plugin just seems to be less buggy overall.

this also happens with me