Tabs not work in app

Hi guys! I am a student and learn step by step.
I have a problem with tabs. My code routes.js:

// Resolve route to load page
            componentUrl: './pages/tabs.html',
            tabs: [
              // First (default) tab has the same url as the page itself
                path: '/',
                id: 'about',
                // Fill this tab content from content string
                content: `
                  <div class="block">
                    <h3>About Me</h3>
              // Second tab
                path: '/page/',
                id: 'page',
                // Fill this tab content via Ajax request
                componentUrl: './pages/page.html',
              // Third tab
                path: '/cv/',
                id: 'cv',
                // Load this tab content as a component via Ajax request
                componentUrl: './pages/about-me/cv.html',
            context: {
              appdetail: appdetail,

Any ideas why this is not working?

Live example or JSFiddle with the issue would be great