Tailwind Mobile

:wave: Hey everyone!

I want to introduce you my new project - Tailwind Mobile!

Tailwind Mobile - is a free and open source mobile UI components library built with Tailwind CSS. With components for React, Svelte & Vue.js.

More and more developers use Tailwind CSS in their hybrid (Web Native) apps, progressive web apps (PWA) and in frameworks like Framework7 and Ionic. So I decided to create a Tailwind Mobile library - set of UI components with native look and feel, for both iOS and Material Design themes. If you already use Tailwind CSS in your apps, then using Tailwind Mobile over framework-specific components (like components in Ionic and Framework7) has a big advantage.

Tailwind Mobile uses same Tailwind utility classes (which developer already use for custom styles), the output amount of CSS should become significantly smaller.

Tailwind Mobile components under the hood are basically simple elements with Tailwind CSS classes, it can be used together with any framework: Ionic, Framework7, Next.js, Gatsby, Nuxt.js, SvelteKit, you name it :blush:.

Right now Tailwind Mobile components available for React, and later this (or next) month I will release components for Svelte and Vue.js.

P.S. Please give your vote for project on Product Hunt Tailwind Mobile - Mobile UI components built with Tailwind CSS | Product Hunt

P.P.S. Are you interested if Framework7 CLI can also generate Framework7 + Tailwind Mobile project?


Great work!

Sure, I am interested, but only as a option!

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It is a pleasure to support your projects :sunglasses:… But you should review the way you choose names for your projects. :rofl:

P.P.S. Are you interested if Framework7 CLI can also generate Framework7 + Tailwind Mobile project?

What could be the advantages of having tailwind + FW7? Because I don’t see them

Well, if I do a bunch of custom styling - Tailwind CSS is a must tool, and I personally use it everywhere since last year. It just makes a lot of things faster for me

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Hell yeah bro. Tailwind inti f7 cli great

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Congratulations @nolimits4web sounds pretty amazing… I will take a closer look later today!

It seems like a promising tool. I have several queries.
a) What can be some usecase for using tailwind with framework7 ?
b) I develop cordova app with html and framework7. As far as i know, tailwind is only available in reactJs. Are you planning to roll out support for html and vanilla js too?