Taphold event in Svelte?

I’m trying to listen for taphold inside a ListItem with the Svelte version of framework7 but it doesn’t seem to be working. I pass tapHold: true in the App parameters as the docs say but there’s no entry in the Svelte docs for such an event. Could someone advise?

<script lang="ts">
 import ComfyApp, { type SerializedAppState } from "$lib/components/ComfyApp";
 import workflowState, { ComfyBoxWorkflow, type WorkflowInstID } from "$lib/stores/workflowState";
 import { f7 } from 'framework7-svelte';
 import { XCircle } from 'svelte-bootstrap-icons';

 import { Page, Navbar, Button, BlockTitle, Block, List, ListItem } from "framework7-svelte"

 export let app: ComfyApp | null = null;

 async function doLoadDefault() {
     f7.dialog.confirm("Would you like to load the default workflow in a new tab?", async () => {
         await app.initDefaultWorkflow();

 function onTapHold(e: Event) {
     f7.dialog.confirm("Do you want to delete this workflow?", async () => {

<Page name="home">
    <Navbar title="Home Page" />

    {#if $workflowState.openedWorkflows}
        <List strong inset dividersIos class="components-list searchbar-found">
            {#each $workflowState.openedWorkflows as workflow}
                <ListItem link="/workflows/{workflow.id}/" title={workflow.attrs.title || `Workflow: ${workflow.id}`} on:taphold={onTapHold}>
        (No workflows opened.)
    <Block strong outlineIos>
        <Button fill={true} onClick={doLoadDefault}>Load Default Graph</Button>

It won’t work in such way, add some id to that list item and add event listener in a native way, e.g.:

document.querySelector('#some-id').addEventListener('taphold', () => {...})

Thanks but I don’t think this will work with the way Svelte manages events and DOM lifecycles. There’s proper svelte events that work perfectly for things like pageBeforeIn, could that be implemented for taphold too?