Temolate7 Missing Helper

In my app.js:

import Framework7 , {Template7} from 'framework7/framework7.esm.bundle.js';

Template7.registerHelper(‘toggleDiv’, function(x){
return x

in template7-helpers-list.js:

module.exports = ['toggleDiv'];

I am trying to use it in my component page pos.f7.html
{{#each items}}

{{toggleDiv ‘Test’}} {{name}}


I am expecting Helper function to print string ‘Test’ but I am getting:

Module build failed (from ./node_modules/framework7-component-loader/lib/index.js):
Error: Template7: Missing helper: "toggleDiv"

I think I figure it our, in the documentation it is mentioned :

Note, at the moment, it is possible to use custom components only in router components (components loaded by router).

So I guess it is not useable in (Single File Component)

    Framework7.registerComponent('my-list-item', {
      data() {
        return { foo: 'bar' }
      template: `
        <li class="item-content" id="{{$props.id}}">...</li>

Это не так, вы можете использовать Template7 helpers в registerComponent, смотрите: Свой компонент из класса