Template Literal rendering html as text

I have a template literal that fetches JSON data and then renders the template. The problem is one I’ve had before (related to my lack of knowledge!) but I’m not successful in fixing it now. Part of the JSON data contains one value that is some HTML (properly formatted) which is rendered as text, ,not html. I’ve tried a number of things but either I get an error or the data for the value is not rendered as html.

${anesthetics.map((anesthetic) => $h`



I tried using ${routes(anesthetics)} and this code

function routes(anesthetics) {
  return anesthetics.map(anesthetic => anesthetic.route);

Any help would be appreciated


  <div class="page">
    <div class="page-content">
      <div class="block block-strong inset">
  export default (props, { $on, $f7, $el, $h }) => {
    const someHTML = `<p>Hello</p>`;
    return $render;