Template7 compile

Hi there!

I’m using template7 pages inside framework7. I use them inside routes.js like following:

path: ‘/result/:pageType/:resultId/’,
async: function (routeTo, routeFrom, resolve, reject) {


How can I compile all these sites (about 10 different) at the start of the app like meant in this article: https://framework7.io/docs/template7.html

Should I do something like that to improve the performance or is this something else?

Thanks in advance!

For 10 pages? No, you shouldn’t and you won’t win much. Just use it like templateUrl or componentUrl as usual


I have 10 html pages but all are templates, so there can be up to 1.000 different filled pages. Does it make sense here to compile for performance?

Doesn’t matter, if there is only 10 templates, then it is just 10 templates.