Template7 helpers svelte


Does Template7 helpers work in Svelte?

I cant seem to get it working.

I have added my helper code to the app.js

Template7.registerHelper('callHelper', function(name) {
  return `Hello ${name}!`;

I have referenced the function in template7-helpers-list.js which is in the root src folder

module.exports = ['callHelper'];

When I try the use CallHelper in my component :

{callHelper 'world'}

It throws in error :

Error: ParseError: Expected } (38:16)
38:     {callHelper 'world'}

Do I have to import the template7-helper-list module into my component?

No, why in the world you need Template7 with Svelte? If you use F7-Svelte, then Svelte-only


How would I use a helper function in the below example :

<ListItem header="Mileage" title="{LeadDetails.VehicleMileage}"/>

I have a javascript function to format numbers

Just do it with Svelte-approach

Thank you for your response.
Im very new with Svelte.

        let LeadDetails={};

       LeadDetails.VehicleMileage = ' my tytle';

<ListItem header="Mileage" title={LeadDetails.VehicleMileage}/>