Template7 -> Partial vs. Helper (if/else style)

I have trouble using ‘partials’ within Template7 helpers. Not sure if it is me or a ‘bug’ or something that just is not supported.

If I wrap a partial in a IF/ELSE helper:

  • The partial within the IF does not get variables passed
  • When ELSE is triggered but does not render the content within.

If I remove the IF/ELSE helper no such behaviour occurs.


Template7.registerHelper('ifFlipped', function (key, options) {
    // isVisible() does check via a data model
    if (typeof key === 'function') key = key.call(this);

    if (isVisible(key)) {
        options.fn(this, options.data);
    else {
        options.inverse(this, options.data);

Template7.registerPartial('inboxInvite', $$('script#tpl_inbox_invite').html());
Template7.registerPartial('isFlipped', $$('script#tpl_is_flipped').html());
Template7.registerPartial('notFlipped', $$('script#tpl_not_flipped').html());


  <script id="tpl_inbox_invite" type="text/template7">
    <h2>Does not work<h2/>
    {{#ifFlipped @key}}
        <div class="card-outer is-flipped">
        <b>Has no variables</b>
        {{> "isFlipped"}}
      <b>Does not show</b>
      {{> "notFlipped"}}
     <h2>Does work<h2/>
     <b>Does show and has variables</b>
    {{> "isFlipped"}}


  <script id="tpl_is_flipped" type="text/template7">
    <div class="card">Flipped but you do not see me</div>

  <script id="tpl_not_flipped" type="text/template7">
    <div class="card">Not flipped but you do not see me</div>


        {{#each _invitesInbox}}
            {{> "inboxInvite"}}

    return {
        data: function () {
            return {
                '_invitesInbox': { 
                    '123' : { one : 1, two : 2},
                    '321' : { one : 2, two : 4}  


function isVisible(key){
 return (key == '123');

I might be missing something obvious. I’m using an older version of Framework7 (4.5.2) I think it should not matter as it all-ready includes the latest Template7 (1.4.2)

Thanks for this great framework! And if there are any thoughts that would be very much appreciated.

Just a note that I might be in the wrong here I found something that might explain this. Ignore this post for now. I will post an update.