Template7 support for HTML data in context?

I have a data variable containing HTML and I can’t seem to get it to be replaced in the template. I would normally use triple stashes for this but it seems thats not supported in Template7? I want it unescaped I think is the term.

// Simplified Example
myData = {
   myHTMLTitle: "<h1>The Title</h1>"
myTemplate = "<header>{{myHTMLTitle}}</header>";

// After I compile and render, the output I am getting is...

The title is not inserted as expected.
Any ideas why?

Template7 doesn’t escape HTML chars like handlebars:

var myData = {
   myHTMLTitle: "<h1>The Title</h1>"
var myTemplate = Template7.compile("<header>{{myHTMLTitle}}</header>");
var rendered = myTemplate(myData);

console.log(rendered); // -> <header><h1>The Title</h1></header>