Template7 > Symbol not working

Hi, I’m having issues with using the > symbol in my js_if statements using Template7

my code is:
{{#js_if "this.tanks.length >= 1"}}TEST{{/js_if}}

With this.tanks.length confirmed to be 1 (tested and working).

When it comes to compile the template, it seems it has issues as it shows this error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ';'
    at Object.js_if (template7.esm.js:483)
    at eval (eval at compile (template7.esm.js:1), <anonymous>:7:177)
    at HTMLDivElement.eval (app.js_+_286_modules:50992)
    at HTMLDocument.handleLiveEvent (app.js_+_286_modules:780)
    at Dom7.trigger (app.js_+_286_modules:953)
    at Router.pageCallback (app.js_+_286_modules:9778)
    at forward (app.js_+_286_modules:6747)
    at resolve (app.js_+_286_modules:6945)
    at eval (app.js_+_286_modules:10834)
    at eval (app.js_+_286_modules:10751)

With the resulting code being:
(function(){return (this.tanks.length &gt;= 1)})

For some reason it is making the > into the HTML version and not keeping it as is. What can be done to resolve the issue?