Text Editor events not firing: framework7-vue: ^6.3.1

I just upgraded to framework7-vue: ^6.3.1 (the ViteJS install from the CLI)

The Text editor is not firing events anymore, i think this could be a bug. Could you have a look @nolimits4web ?

My code hasn’t changed from the previous version 5, it doesn’t set the value anymore when a change has been made. I tested the other events and they don’t fire either.

linkUrlText: $LanguageHelper.translate(‘INSERT_LINK_URL’),
buttons: [‘bold’, ‘italic’, ‘underline’, ‘strikeThrough’, ‘link’],
@texteditor:change="(v) => message = v"

“framework7-vue”: “^5.7.5”: The testing function is called
@texteditor:change="(v) => { testing() }"

“framework7-vue”: “^6.3.1”: The testing function is not called
@texteditor:change="(v) => { testing() }"

will be fixed with next update

That’s super, i’m glad i found this bug for you. When is the next release coming out? :pray:

next release will be somewhere during this week

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You are amazing, thx for your quick action :muscle: