TextEditor inside AccordionItem breaks UL/OL style

There seems to be an styling issue when placing a TextEditor component inside and Accordion. The UL/OL items displays as regular text (margin, padding and bullets are missing). The problem is that the Accordion styling overrides the general UL style that is needed for the content inside the TextEditor.

It’s very easy to reproduce using the following structure:

    <List accordionList>
      <ListItem accordionItem>

A simple fix is to add the following CSS:

.list li.accordion-item .text-editor-content ul {
  list-style: disc;

.list li.accordion-item .text-editor-content ul,
.list li.accordion-item .text-editor-content ol {
  padding-left: 40px;
  margin-top: 14px;
  margin-bottom: 14px;

Hope this helps to code a bugfix! :slight_smile: