TextInput using Framework7 + React doesn't get updated after renders

I have a TextInput with a default value taken from react state.
Then I change the react state’s data, and the Dom is re-rendered. However, the text input won’t get updated, the only way to make it updated, is to completely remove it from the Dom and put it back - using something like this:

useEffect(() => {

  state.counter++ // will force re-render in React.js.

  // this is done in order to remove the TextInput from Dom, in order to re add it to get the new data of the counter
  state.stopRender = true
  setTimeout(() => state.stopRender = false, 100)  


return (
  { !state.stopRender && <TextInput ...attrs...> }

It’s like framework7’s components doesn’t get synchronised with the React re-renderings.
Why is that and how to fo fix it without this stopRender “home-made” made solution?