The app is freezing after iPhone wake up

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with my app(
On the old versions of iOS it was working perfectly.
Now I am using iPhone X, iOS 11.3
I run the app, do whatever I do, then put the device in sleeping mode by pressing the side button. After about 5 minutes, I am waking up the device by swiping up the screen, go to my app and see that it completely frozen, stuck.For testing purposes, I’ve downloaded the following app , from showcase section on framework7 website - the same result, it stuck after wake up. What is the problem? Cordova? Framework7? What?!
Help me please!

You need to update F7 to latest, it is due to 11.3 bug iOS 11.3 PhoneGap resume problem

I can’t, my app is huge, it will take me a lifetime to rebuild everything :frowning:

How do I implement this patch ?
It will help?

Why you can’t? If it is on v1, then just update it to 1.7.1 which has this patch

Yes, it’s on v1, where can I find v1.7.1?
Thank you!

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Where can I find v1 log? So I can understand what is changed and fix it,
Thank you!

Thank you so much! Now I’m going to have a long, busy days to get everything fixed:)

Can we also patch framework7-react? My (lazy) coworkers complain they have to do monkey patching.

You can actually just copy the code that related to the touch events and put it in your framework7.js file instead of original one. That’s what I did and it works like a charme

Was using the same app, yea it does have some bugs with the iOS 11.3.0 but just upgrade to iOS 12 and it will work fine and smooth.

With Regards,
Rohan Daga

thank you for the solution