The first route reload

Im having this issue, when i navigate trough the routes, first time, no problem, all the views load fine, but when i navigate to a third route and try to go back here is the issue, the first async route reloads! and i dont need that because the first page has a lot of images and when that page reload the other views turn really slow. So, here is my question: How can i disable the refresh previous page when a view go back?

here is a piece of the routes code:

routes = [
path: ‘/’,
async: function(routeTo,routeFrom,resolve,reject){ //here i do the request },
name: “index”
… //a lot of routes

the index, loads fine! The second page, good, the third page good to, but when i go back, from third to second, the first one reloads! Help!!!

I’m using framework7 v2, no templates clean code

It is by design, F7 keeps only 2 pages by default (current and previous). Try to enable stackPages in View parameters

Thanks for the replay! Yesterday i solve the issue, just create a homeview (app.views.create) then puth the routes (previously loaded in app object) into this view and set the preloadPreviousPage to false, and that was my solution! dont know if this is the same your solution but it worked for me