The Future Social Network . . . built with Framework7

Hi there!

My name is Amar. I’m an 18 year old web developer from Albania.
Always wanted to build something big. Thought about building a social network.

So I started seeking for an easy-to-learn, hybrid mobile app development technology. I chose Framework7 because of its numerous UI elements and DOM manipulation tools.

I’ve been working since October 2017. A month ago I published the app on Google Play and I’m currently advertising it through social media. There are plenty of people who like it in spite of the fact that it runs a bit slow on old devices, because it’s using web technology, JS running over Java - 2x CPU usage.

However, I think it’s a nice app and really cool. Here is the link. You can have a look at the app listing on Google Play and even download it if you’d like to. You may also put the app on the F7 Apps Showcase.

App URL:

Thank you Framework7 developer/s for this great Framework/UI Kit! All the best!


Hello Amar. That sounds very impressive. I am actually working on a social app too. I am building a social network and I want to go mobile first before I put out a web presence…I have a page profile.html but as users all have their specific Ids, I send these over as get variables…like so profile.html?id=1, profile.html?id=2 and then I script waiting to pick the Ids with All works brilliantly, except F7 only caches the last visited profile page. Please help.