this.$f7.input.validateInputs return undefined but not Boolean?

this is my code

thanks for your help

This method doesn’t return anything, it validate inputs elements and add required classed/visuals to invalid elements

Do you have any better verification scheme?

I was not familiar with the Framework7 document a few days ago, but when I became familiar with it, I found Framework7 to be the most powerful framework in the world. Thank you for providing this platform for vue UI

It’s really powerful!

There is a HTML 5 validation API. So if, for example, you need to know to check validity of such input element:

<input type="text" required id="my-input">

Boolean value of its validity will be:

const inputEl = document.getElementById('my-input');
const isValid = inputEl.validity.valid; // returns true or false

Thank you, I will try your advice.

However, I am using vue to have a verification method for vue?

Every time I read the document, I deepen my love for framework7. Thank you.

You can use same HTML validators in vue, for example:

    <input ref="myInput"></input>
    <button @click="checkValidation"></button>
  export default {
    methods: {
      checkValidation() {
        const isValid = this.$refs.myInput.validity.valid;

My holiday has just ended. Thank you.