this.$f7router.currentRoute is giving me the previous route, not the current one

I use Vue with F7.
I’m at /home/, and from /home/ I do a router.navigate("/products/", {props:{categoryId: 1}, history: true})

And I get to my path correctly, but for some reason if I use currentRoute I get my home’s path, instead od products’ path.

From products I do another navigate to a specific product using the same navigate with the productId to path /product/, and there, the currentRoute is “/products/” instead of “/product/” and the previousRoute points towards “/home/”, instead of the real previous route which was “products”

And this is messing with the back buttons of my app, because it tries to reload pages that are not showing, and the events mess up.

Am I calling the navigate correctly?

You could missuse it. Current route reflects current View route, not the route of the page where you call it and also depends on the moment when you call it. It is better to check this.$f7route to access to the route of the page which used for its creation

I’m using the this.$f7router.navigate("/path") to change the routes, but after some navigation the back buttons mess up.
For the back I use a navbar with a backbutton such as
f7-nav-left back-link=“Back”
From the documentation I understand that this is how you should proper navigate a f7 app, but I’m starting to guess I’m missing something to keep the backs on track.

I do this:
Home -> Category -> Product -> Home -> featured product -> Back(to home) and it tries to load the Product functions, which crash the app.