Tips for migrating V1 to v7

Hi! I’m trying to migrate my app from V1 to V7 and i want to know if you can give me some tips to do it. I found gides to migrate V1 to V2 and more, but i don’t know, what is the best way.
It’s possible jump from V1 to V7 or should i go step by step V1-V2, V2-V3 and so on?


You need to do step by step, but with such a radical change I advise you to rewrite the code.

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Thank you very much!

Sweet baby Jesus. Yeah, what Snowbeat said. Depending on how you’ve built v1, you could port and test it component by component. Either way, it’s potentially a hearty migration.

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I just did 5 to 7 and there were enough breaking changes that it took me well over a week to track through everything but it was still easier than starting from scratch.

I’d probably make a copy of the project, upgrade to 7, hit the obvious breaking changes (that you’ve found) then run it in a browser and fix all the javascript errors and see where you stand. That’s only about a day’s work.