Toolbar View Button

How would you target switching a tabbed toolbar view through a button/link on the current page rather than clicking directly on the toolbar tab?

For example - how could I programmatically open view-profile, or by pressing a button or link on a page?

<f7-views tabs class="safe-areas">

<f7-toolbar labels bottom>
	<f7-link tab-link="#view-home" tab-link-active icon-md="material:home" text="Home"></f7-link>
	<f7-link tab-show="#view-profile" tab-link="#view-profile" icon-md="material:chrome_reader_mode" text="Profile"></f7-link>

<f7-view id="view-home" main tab tab-active url="/"></f7-view>
<f7-view id="view-profile" name="profile" tab url="/profile/"></f7-view>


Check Tabs app methods'#view-profile')`

Is there a way to show a tab view, and then navigate it to a particular route?’#view-profile’);’#view-profile’).$f7router.navigate(’/newpage/’);

or equally, run a function within the view after running’#view-profile’);

------ EDIT ------

OK, digging around, I found the answer through the “Access To View Instance” on this page: I was able to app.views.profile.router.navigate("/my-profile/");

But is there away to then also run a method on the page the view has just loaded?

----- EDIT ----

I have achieved running a function on mount, by using a route with parameters (ie, app.views.profile.router.navigate("/my-profile/dothis")), but I would be interested if there is a way to target a view and run a method from the main view.