Tooltip F7 Vuetify Vue

Need help to put v-tooltip to work.

On the base f7-page the v-tooltip works, then when I move through the application and get to a new Vue component on a different URL. I just created the same page (Vue component on first f7-page and then on a component) but it doesn’t work on the component. The v-tooltip is inside a v-data-table, don’t know if it changes something

Seeing console the difference appears to be the hierarchy. How can I make it work inside a component?

Picture show the situation where it doesn’t don’t but the same f7-vue code directly on f7-page, f7-view, f7-root it does?


Hi again,

I have a new analysis. If I remove the f7-page from the base of the f7 template the App.vue file. What I can see now is that on first jump, any, the v-tooltip works but on the second one it doesn’t. Each Vue component has a f7-page

On the console it now looks like this: