Tooltip Tap Hold Issue on touch screen windows OS devices

For mobile users or users who use touch screen laptops they have to tap and hold the tooltip in order to read them.

If a user taps on one of my tooltips and holds it for more than 1-2 seconds then lets go they see a popup similar to when you right click on a webpage. Does anyone know how to block this contextmenu popup? The popup works great as long as you don’t hold down more than 1-2 sec. I have long tooltips and the user has to hold for more than 1 sec to read them. I’m testing on a touch screen laptop running Windows 10.

Can the tooltip stay visible for x seconds after touch/click?

I have read that I can disable the right click contextmenu using some js but is this needed or is there another solution?


Yes, you can:

  • disable it by passing disableContextMenu: true app parameter, but it will be disabled on everything
  • do it manually on required elements (e.g. with adding contextmenu event handler)
  • try also set user-select: none CSS rule on required elements