Transitions are slow on iOS

Hi, I noticed that page transitions are very slow on iOS. I thought it was coming from my app, but it’s same on the Framework7 demo app.

When I click on a component to open a page, or click back to return, I’d say the transition is about twice as slow as usual.

It’s only on mobile (iOS, didn’t test on Android), and on all browsers (Safari, Chrome). On desktop browsers, no problem, the animation transition is normal.

I don’t know if it’s from the latest version of F7, or if it’s come from the beta of iOS. I have iOS 14 beta installed.

Can anyone confirm or deny the problem?


Yes sure

As you can see, on desktop browser, the transitions are normal, but on iOS browsers, transitions are very slow.

Do you have the same problem with the latest version of F7 or not? So I can make sure it didn’t come from this. Same problem on my friend phone, so it’s not specifically from my phone, but maybe it’s from iOS 14

iOS 13.5 and iPhone 6S Plus:

It is bug in iOS 14 beta

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