Transparent navbar [v1] vue

this is in my app.vue

    <f7-page >
    <f7-navbar theme="black"   

    .navbar.theme-black {
       background: #00000000 ;  //transparent


when working with npm run dev the navbar is transparent. but after npm run build then running in cordova the style not applied it still black navbar , i checked in css inspector .navbar has default f7 class

how to sollve this

@nolimits4web could you pls look into this issue, im not able get this worked

Check you package.json to see what these tasks do

"scripts": {
"dev": "node build/dev-server.js",
"build": "node build/build.js",
"lint": "eslint --ext .js,.vue src"


yes this is in package.json, should i change anything ?

       background: #00000000  !important;   

even did not work,
i had to remove the css entry from framework7.css to get it worked