Trouble load javascript's script on each page

I have some problem(bug) when I want to access javascript in page.

so this is how it looks

after click Arah Kiblat (javascript not respond):

this our code that reference to item menu (red sign above):

So, I wanna load javascript in page kiblat.html. But the result is blank or something wrong with our code.

our hope will be :

maybe someone has experienced the problem or has a solution for this case. to load javascript on each page.

cek the UI at : Panduan Ibadah Umroh

Thank you
I really appreciate your answer, your help

Such JS tags don’t work in browser. Use proper Router Component API to have JS for each page Router Component | Framework7 Documentation

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Thanks for respond.
I’m still using the old version of framework7. If i’m not mistaken, using v3 framework7.
Coz, I started the project 2 years ago. And will now continue this small project. So I’m still using v3 framework
Can this router documentation(Router Component | Framework7 Documentation) be applied to our project ?

This is docs for v3 Router Component | Framework7 Documentation